"Learning to conduct oneself appropriately in any situation is a
valuable life skill.  Many students arrive in college without adequate tools to present themselves well, whether in the classroom or the workplace.  In preparing for college and the world of work, learning proper etiquette offers untold benefits and can open many doors for a young person."

Ann Davis Gerarden, Former Academic Dean, Georgetown University

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Photo courtesy of the American School of Protocol

Give your son or daughter the critical skills to handle social situations with confidence and ease.

The training for a successful life begins early.  Proper etiquette, manners and life skills training will provide your child with an advantage to excel in an ever changing and competitive world.  Children with these skills are far more confident with their peers, teachers, parents and other adults.  A more confident child is happier, better able to adapt to different situations, better suited to be a leader, and certainly better equipped to succeed in school. 

The Virginia School of Etiquette’s main goal is to reinforce and expand on lessons learned at home.  Studies have shown that individuals are more receptive to etiquette instruction when it comes from an “outside” source.  You may ask Brody to take his elbows off the table or Grace to put her napkin in her lap and they roll their eyes…at the Virginia School of Etiquette we reinforce your lessons through fun and interactive learning.

Make an investment that will last a lifetime by contacting us today to enroll your child in our program.

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